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I NEED A GAME!!!! - Cat Wheeler

Feb. 20th, 2003 02:51 pm I NEED A GAME!!!!

Gods, I really need a game. The sad thing is though, that i just resigned up with Office team so that I could get a second job. We need the money and dad is running out of work for Chance to do. The good thing is, that I should only have to do this until Chance can get something. But that means that I REALLY need a game now. I need the stress relief. I am desperate enough that this afternoon, I am going down to Great Escape to check out thier bulliten board. See if I can find anyone that is looking for a player. I don't think I want to run a game right now, even though I have a whole biner FULL, and I do mean full, of stuff to run for a four person group (not counting the DM). I have worked so hard on that stuff, but I would rather now my players before running something. I want to make sure that my game is taliored to thier gaming style. *sighs*

On another note, Chance thinks I should try to write a module or two. With this open gaming liscence, I may be able to sell them if they are good enough. Problem, I hate modulars, so I am not entirely sure of the format. I have two ideas to cnqure this.
1) I buy, or borrow, three or four different moduals and try to see if I can write something similar.
2) I just give the basic outline of the story, the NPCs, monsters, maps, etc, and let the DM decide how he or she wants to get the players to the end of the story. Too me this would avoid things like that damned stupid modual of Quinn's that was not very flexible at all. I mean really, just because we found the bloody body DOES NOT mean we killed the bastard, especially when there is a trail of purple worms leading from the body to the sewer grate under the tmeple! It was horrible to say the least.

Anyway, I am not entirely sure what to do here. Any suggestions would be nice. *grins* I think if Edward is at Great Escape, I might ask him what he thinks, but then again maybe not. He and I were not very close when I was friends with Milt, though I did like him. We will see what happens.

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