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Stress - Cat Wheeler

Feb. 28th, 2003 04:49 pm Stress

Gods, I feel like my world is falling apart all over again. I just went from getting oaid every week to being paid every two weeks. That has totally screwed everything up. I have enough money for rent and that is it for two weeks. My bank is stupid as well. I am overdrawn I don't know how much because they held my check for 6 days! They did not even tell me they were doing that. So everytime I used my ATM card during those six days it was considered overdraft and I was charged $21 dollars for it. *sighs* I hate banks. I hate money, but we need it. I am about ready to cry. The girls are going to need diapers in a couple of days. Thankfully Meny is almost potty trained and I don't need diapers for Ayla. The kids' shoes are getting to small for them, so I will need new shoes soon. Thankfully, my grandmother took me on a fully paid Costco trip so we have meat and food still from that. We need milk and a few little things like that though.

We would have been fine if my checks were still weekly and if the bank hadn't screwd up. AND, they raised my rent this month $50 dollars. *screams* I HATE THIS PLACE. I saw three guys wearing colors for the Bloods a few days ago. I have never seen them around here before, so I can only hope they do not live here. My upstairs neighbors are so inconsiderate it is ridiculous. I don't even let the kids outside to play anymore.

I tried to rent the house I lived in when I was in high school, but the landlord wants $1400 a month for it. His wife tried to talk him down, but he said no. It would have been nice. It is 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half baths. It is on at least a quarter acre. It has bunches of apple trees, peach tress, a fig tree, and grape vines. It also has a pool.

The one car garage has an enclosed patio/sunroom off one side, and a room my dad added when we lived the before. The kitchen is HUGE. My current livingrooom could fit in the kitchen. The other rooms are good sized too. I always said it reminded me of a mini ranch house. I was so bummed when she told me how much they wanted a month. When my parents were there, they only paid a bit over $800 a month for it.

Chance is looking for work through Apple One right now. He is going to sign up with Adecco on Monday. Office Team will not use him because of some BS that is his story to tell not mine. It ammounts to, somoen accused him of something he did not do, so now Office Team will not use him anymore. This sucks. I have resigned up with Office Team in hopes of finding work until Chance finds something.

Saddly, my dad just does not have any more work for us right now, so niether of us are working for him anymore. I just don't know what to do. If it weren't illegal, I would start hooking. Hell, I am cute enough for it. All I have to do is just lay there. I think I could make at least $50 an hour. *grins* Gods, I feel so trapped. I have a family to provide for and I can barely keep us fed and a roof over our head.

Now we have two more bills. I bought Chanc a Playsation and am paying that off. We also got cable and braodband. I am not complainming about these becuaase I know we can handle them, it just seems like we keep getting more and more bills no matter how hard I try.

I will not take back the PS2. I won't. It made me feel so good the way he reacted when I dropped it in his lap. He was actually speechless for a few seconds. It was great! I can so rarely surprise him like that. And the broadband, I will not get rid of either. He needs that for work. He has one new client and is working on his adult stuff. He needs a good reliable connection.

I will think of something. I have a big collection of Nancy Drew books. I was saving them for the girls, but we need money. Maybe I will take them down to the used bookstore down the street. She gives me cash for the books I bring in instead of credit. I can always replace the books. I can. It was not a complete collection anyway. *sighs* I hate to do it, but I have to do something. I think I will go through my books in the next few days and see what eles I can part with. I hate to do it, but we need the money.

I think I will stop ranting now. I am about to cry. I was close to tears all night last night because I was so frustrated. I think I may just go cry now.

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